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The Google Analytics API Game-Changer

April 28th, 2009

APIs (Application Programming Interface) have a way of turning things on their head and shaking things up.  When you open up a major platform to developers, very interesting things can happen.  Think about the Google Maps mashups, or the iPhone app store.

Google’s changing the game again, and giving paid analytics vendors a serious run for their money,  this time by releasing an API for Google Analytics.

Many companies have already leapt on this integrating Google Analytics data within their tools.  Using campaigns in Google Analytics to track email marketing performance has been possible, but requires separate tagging of URLs.  Using the API, MailChimp (great email tool), now allows for a single checkbox selection to add tracking code to all email links.  Clickthoughs of these links are tracked using Google Analytics, and then sent right back into your Mail Chimp account reporting.  If you’ve also setup Google Analytics ecommerce features and/or goal tracking, Mail Chimp will be able to report on email marketing performance in terms of ROI for the campaign, revenue created, average value per visitor, goals completed, and conversion rate.

ShufflePoint is particularly impressive in that they’ve already integrated Google Analytics with Excel and PowerPoint.  This takes things one step closer to creating truly custom dashboards and custom calculations (major differentiating features within Omniture) with very little financial investment.  Using ShufflePoint, you define the custom calculations, pulling specific metrics straight from your Google Analytics profile(s).  Then, each time you open the Excel spreadsheet or PowerPoint presentation, a simple click of a refresh button updates all data instantly.  A massive timesaver in terms of data entry, as well as a professional presentation to stakeholders with automatically updated data.

Other integration examples include, mobile phone apps, a variety of apps from YouCalc, content management systems, and more.

Many developers currently feel like kids in a candy store and are getting started by diving into Google Code, joining the developer community and keeping updated via the email list.

We look forward to integrating these new methods and tools into our own services and plan to blog about the best-in-class inventions as they spring up.  Stay tuned!

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